Ripple’s CTO Teases the Idea of Becoming the “XRPope”

Ripple's XRP Emerges as a Top Investment Choice Among Major Banks

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After grappling with the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit, XRP is on a mission to reclaim its former glory. The lawsuit’s outcome is pivotal for XRP’s trajectory. Recent buzz suggests a potential out-of-court settlement by the SEC, potentially surpassing $770 million.

If realized, this could be a game-changer for Ripple’s XRP. It might lure more institutional investors, ushering in a surge toward new all-time highs. This positive turn of events brings a sigh of relief to Ripple’s top executives and even the CTO, who playfully teases the XRP community about its potential.

The quirky post of Ripple CTO David Schwartz came after the SEC’s decision to go for a long-predicted settlement. Giving a good vibe to the XRP community which stood by the token against all odds is on the verge of creating history.

Known for his cryptic social media jab, Schwartz playfully entertained the idea of adopting the title “XRPope” in response to a jesting announcement by community member Daniel (@daniel_wwf) about the “Church of the XRPL” joined by another user known as @MoonLamboio. This fictional entity aims to educate the public on what they humorously call “the one and only ultimate truth.”

The community was Quick to React to a “Cult-Like Following”

The suggestion sparked humorous reactions, with community members joking about who would lead the first sermon and playfully calling Schwartz an “XRPriest.” Schwartz, known for his technical expertise and pivotal role in XRP’s development, has become a figurehead in the community.

Recently Fox Business anchor Charles Gasparino and many other experts have called out the XRP community a “cult-like” following due to their intense loyalty and passionate support for XRP and Ripple. This loyalty can sometimes lead to a dismissal of criticisms, contributing to this perception. Additionally, the perceived centralized nature of XRP sets it apart from many other cryptocurrencies, which can be a point of contention. It’s worth noting that similar cult-like behaviors can be observed in other cryptocurrency communities as well.

What’s Next in XRP Price? 

The XRP market remains sensitive to the SEC’s appeal strategy and developments in the BTC-spot ETF market. XRP, which surged to $0.9327 in July, is now setting its sights on the $0.5835 resistance level. Recent remarks by Joe Grundfest about Clayton’s approach to non-fraud cases have added a layer of controversy to the situation, sparking discussions within the community.

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